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Detectives seek bank robber – plus mail theft

January 13th, 2015 by Mike

Seattle Police this morning released these images of a man who robbed a bank over the weekend in the 11100 block of Roosevelt Way Northeast.

Witnesses said the suspect entered the bank in the 11100 block of Roosevelt Way Northeast shortly before closing (Saturday). He told an employee he was robbing the bank and demanded money.

The suspect did not say he was armed, or show a weapon. He left on foot. Officers found a yellow jacket and red hat worn by the suspect discarded outside the building.

If you have any information on the identity or whereabouts of the suspect please call investigators at 206-622-0460.

Separately, Walt, who lives at Northeast 103 Street Northeast and Roosevelt, emails overnight:

We found a bunch of opened mail tossed in our mailbox today not belonging to us….and no mail for us :(

A lot of different addresses, but some within the Maple Leaf hood. We’re sending back to post man/woman. Just seeing if anyone else had a similar experience

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Bicycle (well, most of one) found on N.E.102nd St.

January 12th, 2015 by Mike

Zach emails:

I live in Maple Leaf and am a regular reader (and fan) of your blog. I would appreciate your help, if you don’t mind.

We had an incident on Dec. 27th on our street (Northeast 102nd between Roosevelt Way Northeast and 12th Avenue Northeast ) with a mailbox/porch prowler.

One of our neighbors chased him off. The police responded, but didn’t find the person or any stolen items, and we haven’t heard anything from them in follow-up.

In any case, there was a bicycle left in my yard and I would like to get it back to its owner if possible. It’s not in good condition – the tires are flat and there are no pedals or seat. But if you could put the word out that would be much appreciated.

If you can identify the color and make, Zach will contact you.

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Information about this morning’s I-5 fatality – plus a suspected burglar

January 9th, 2015 by Mike

Seattle Police have posted information on the apparent suicide that shut down Interstate 5 at Northgate this morning.

The incident occurred at the Northeast 92nd Street overpass that leads to North Seattle College.

Police were forced to shut-down all lanes of northbound I-5 near Northgate during the Friday morning commute for a suicide investigation.

Both Washington State Patrol and Seattle Police began receiving numerous reports of collisions after a person jumped from the NE 92nd Street overpass to I-5 below just before 6 A.M. Seattle Police and WSP Troopers stopped all traffic on northbound I-5 to facilitate the investigation. The adult woman who jumped was killed instantly.

No motorists were injured and one car sustained minor damage in the collision.

The King County Medical Examiner responded to the scene to investigate. The collision investigation and body recovery was complicated by the fact that the collision site spanned approximately 100 yards.

WSP troopers provided assistance by diverting traffic until all lanes were reopened around 8 a.m.

Police are also searching for a burglary suspect who fled officers at Northgate Mall earlier this week. That information is here.

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Dog struck by car at N.E. 120th St.

January 9th, 2015 by Mike

Michelle emails overnight:

I found a dog on Roosevelt Way Northeast  just north of Great Dog (near Northeast 120th Street) this evening around 5:30 p.m. I believe the dog was hit by the vehicle two in front of me.

I was able to stop and pick her up (a smaller, black and white dog, possibly a Jack Russell mix?) and take her to the emergency vet on Lake City/115th Street. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a collar on and was not microchipped.

Can you please post in case her owners are looking for her?

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The bunny of Maple Leaf – found!

January 8th, 2015 by Mike

Kelle emails:

I would like to post on your blog but don’t really know how to do it. I wanted to post that early this morning I found a large rabbit in our front garden.
The rabbit is friendly and appears to be someone’s pet.  Maple Leaf bunny on the hop? Please call or email me and describe him and I’ll give you the address so you can come and get  him. The cross streets are Fifth Avenue Northeast and Northeast 78th Street. 206)528 2227

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12th man returns: Maple Leaf Reservoir Park Feb. 1

January 7th, 2015 by Mike

Mandi emails:

“Hi there. I was wondering if we could starting posting messages about our 2nd annual (*:) happy) 12th man rally in the park.

Of course, on Feb. 1st at 12:00 p.m.

It’d be great for the main businesses on Roosevelt to post flyers too. I can do those and distribute.”

Last year’s rally story is here.

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200+ new Maple Leaf apartments near Northgate Mall?

January 6th, 2015 by Mike

Update: Seattle has design drawings.

Daniel emails to say the city is reviewing proposals for more than 200 new apartments across the street from Northgate Mall:

The Seattle Department of Planning and Development posted Notices of Design Reviews on two pending construction projects in the Northgate area.

At 10720 Fifth Ave. N.E, the current location for The Tux Shop, the vacant MKG, Kennelly Keys Music, and Toshi’s Teriyaki, plans have been submitted for a 7-story, 132-unit residential building with 3,000 sq. ft. of retail at street level and parking for 104 vehicles located below grade.

At 10715 Eighty Ave. N.E. the vacant former location of Gene Juarez Hair Salon, plans have been submitted for a 4-story, 83-unit residential building with 3 live/work units, 28 surface parking spaces to remain. As is the current trend in Seattle, the developer is not required to match or add any new parking space for tenants.

Public hearings on these two projects will be held on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 8:00 pm at the University Heights Community Center, 5031 University Way N.E., Room 209.

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Second week of policed garbage pickup

January 6th, 2015 by Mike

Update from Seattle Public Utilities:

At 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 600 lucky Seattle residents who pledge to recycle and compost will receive a Collector’s Edition Seattle Mariners Kitchen Caddy at the following locations:

Lake City Neighborhood Service Center at 12525 28th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98125

- See more at:


As Maple Leaf enters its second week of trash checking, we’re interested in hearing about neighbors’ experiences.

After our first post on the new trash enforcement, one commenter noted:

I am conscientious when it comes to putting the proper items in the trash, as are all the neighbors on my block. Lo and behold, every trash bin on the block was red tagged today. The Trash Police did not specify what exactly was placed in the trash in error. So we get to move forward not knowing what was improperly tossed, and fines are the next step.

This did not seem to be the case on many blocks (we looked).

But this week KUOW has a story featuring Maple Leaf trash: “Seattle’s scarlet letter for sloppy trash sorters.”

The public radio station talked with Rodney Watkins, a lead driver for CleanScapes.

As Watkins made the rounds in Maple Leaf recently, he appeared disheartened to find an entire red velvet cake in someone’s trash bin. Any house with more than 10 percent food in their garbage earned a bright red tag notifying them of the infraction.

“Right now I’m tagging probably every fifth can,” Watkins said. “I don’t know if that’s just the holidays, or the fact that I’m actually paying a lot more attention.”

Right now the tags are just a warning, but fines will apply beginning in July. For single households, $1 – but apartments, condos and commercial buildings could be fined $50.

More information from Seattle Public Utilities is here. KUOW says Seattle is the first city in the country to fine people for not properly sorting their garbage.

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The Bears of Maple Leaf

January 2nd, 2015 by Mike

13 of them. Apologies to Warren Zevon.

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December 31st, 2014 by Mike

Here’s to 2015.

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And now a lost ring – on a circuitous path

December 30th, 2014 by Mike

Jessica emails overnight:

Could you please help us? My husband lost a silver wedding-type-band this afternoon around 1 p.m.

Unfortunately, the possible area is pretty large. It’s somewhere between the corner of 12th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 98th Street and the upper Maple Leaf Park — and then he walked around the park path, across Roosevelt Way Northeast and up to Cloud City.

The ring has a distinctive vine-pattern etched deeply around it. The value is nothing except extremely sentimental (brought back from Italy 20 years ago!).

On the extreme off-chance anyone sees it or has it, we would love to see it again!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

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Gonna be chilly through New Year’s Eve

December 29th, 2014 by Mike

A frontal line moving south produced a spectacular sunset tonight over Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.

The forecast calls for lows of 25 degrees for the next three nights, through New Year’s Eve.

Days should remain sunny, but cold, through New Year’s Day .

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Ring found Christmas Eve across from Maple Leaf Park

December 29th, 2014 by Mike

Kyle emails: “We found a ring on the sidewalk on Christmas Eve outside of LeBlanc (across Roosevelt Way Northeast from Maple Leaf Reservoir Park and near the Rez). “If anyone is missing a ring and can describe we would be happy to return it.


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Solstice tree vanishes, ornaments remain

December 26th, 2014 by Mike

Solstice week is ending, and the Solstice Day tree has vanished from Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.

For those who donated decorations and would like them back, they are in a box in the pavilion.

Any left behind will be saved for possible future use.

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Merry Christmas Maple Leaf!

December 25th, 2014 by Mike

Photos courtesy Dane Doerflinger Photography.

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